Thursday, 10 February 2011

I was supposed to work at the restaurant on Tuesday but they didn't need me which was good because i actually didn't feel to well,but Zoe got a call from the exhibitions company saying we could work but buy the time i found out about not working in the cafe it was a bit too late, so i went to the super market which has lots of Greek and Italian foods in it because of the big Greek/Italian/Turkish population around here. They always have lots of really good fruit and veg on the "cheap shelf". I made a lovely soup with ginger and chilli and parsnip and noodles...yummmo! And shared it with my Ruth (who i'm staying with) and her housemates. They do quite a bit of sitting around talking about art and philosophising about all sorts...its like they are students but they're not they just don't have to stress about working soooo much like in the uk.
Wednesday Worked for the exhibition company with zoe from 8.30 until 6....lots of lifting and moving things looked like the exhibition was for an agricultural show selling fertilizers!
We celebrated out long day with a cheap meal at the Hare Krishna's...yummm!
Thurday did washing and went to Ceres to look for a bike but the place was closed, in the afternoon went to look at another house a bit closer to Ruths, the guys were all in a band and was pretty much a guys house...but they were nice. Weren't to an open mike thing in the eve on Smith street...only second night out since I've been here...bloody hell!
until next time

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