Thursday, 25 February 2010

when i say "we" I mean me..... just some ideas i have come up with through reading
i decided to stop drinking soya milk as rain forests are pulled down to grow the soya ( which is used to feed most of the animals we eat, also palm oil comes from plants grown in the chopped own forest which is added to almost everything we eat and smear on our faces})....... but then this is their livelihood as my friend said, and i thought too, we would be leaving them not able to sell their crop and so not be able to live, but they are destroying their local natural environment for the western world to enjoy these things, I know I can hardly have this view, being here, living in the western world, but that's just it... we BELIEVE our way is the right way and others want to have our way of life..... so some would say how can we tell them not to have this consumer/unsustainable living but this is the way of thinking that has got more and more of the world into trouble, if you take only what you need from your LOCAL environment to sustain you as a community and you don't take and take from some other far of society, there is only so much your local environment can give you as a community so the community needs to stay a certain size and this is the problem....TOO MANY PEOPLE. Trade.... wanting something that others have and you don't have.... this is the problem here, giving away your natural assets for money/power in return will always lead, well to emptiness, it will run out one day, and then we will look at our little patch of grass in the back garden..... and think... "what can we do with this".

Wednesday, 10 February 2010